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Master Your Personal Finances!

Man on his laptop and taking notes

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to reach some of your financial goals, Lea, the GreenPath Virtual Financial Coach can assist!

Lea provides tools and advice to help you:

  • Reach your financial goals.
  • Build strong financial habits.
  • Improve your credit score.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Move forward after a credit decline.

Not only does Lea offer 24/7, one-stop virtual assistance, but personalized and clear financial advice. The Virtual Financial Coach is 100% free, 100% secure and 100% personalized. Your progress is encouraged and celebrated with the Virtual Financial Coach, and the sessions provide steps you can take instantly based on your interests and priorities. Also, interactions with Lea are self-service, so you can stop engaging at any time and pick up where you left off later.

Get started today at www.ecu.com/tools-resources/financial-tools/.

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