Happy Member Loyalty Payout Day!

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Find Your Perfect Match With Car Spotter!

Car Spotter graphic with a car, van, pickup truck

We’re committed to helping you save time and money on things that matter the most, like buying or leasing a car. With the brand-new Car Spotter search engine located on our website at www.ecu.com/find-my-car, you can:

  • Browse thousands of vehicles.
  • Get pre-approved for an auto loan.
  • Take a virtual test drive.
  • Add GAP insurance and an extended warranty.

You can also browse by what you’re looking for in your next vehicle. Simply filter your search by condition, make, model, year and mileage, and in just a few seconds you can view a list of vehicles tailored for you!

Visit www.ecu.com/find-my-car to get started. Your next adventure is waiting for you.

If you have any questions, Educators Vehicle Solutions will be with you every step of the way. Contact a knowledgeable Vehicle Advisor at 262.884.6675 or toll-free at 800.236.5898!

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