Important Information on a New Text Message Scam

Using a phone

Educators Credit Union is closely monitoring a recent text message scam targeting our members. As cybercriminals come up with new and creative ways to commit fraud, our main priority is protecting you and your account.

We have identified this specific scam:

A member receives a text message asking them to view a secured message because they signed up for security updates. Remember, Educators will never send a text message requesting you to click a link and enter secure information. If you receive a text message like this one or any text asking for account or login information, delete it immediately. If you received this text message, and entered your personal information please contact us at 262.886.5900.

Picture detailing text message scam

Here are three more ways to keep yourself safe from phone related scams:

  • Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails, especially if it’s requesting private information. Always visit the company’s website directly and complete the action there.
  • Always ensure you are using secure websites. Do not click on links provided in unsolicited text messages or emails. Instead, go directly to the company’s website from your internet browser. Once you are on the company’s website, look carefully at the URL, website colors and content to guarantee you are using the official website. Any unusual changes or differences should be an immediate red flag.
  • No legitimate company will require you to download a third-party application that will allow them to have full access to your computer or device. If someone contacts you and asks you to download an application on your phone or computer, do not download it. These applications can be used to virtually access your accounts and steal your money.

When in doubt, please contact Educators Credit Union, we are here to assist you. Give us a call at 2.886.5900, chat with us virtually on Educators Video Banking or click here for more articles on common scams and how to prevent becoming a victim.

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