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School’s out for the summer! That doesn’t mean there’s time to stop learning. Before you head off to school or the next stage of your life, there’s a lot you need to know, especially about money. We’ve put together a few helpful resources for you to use as you prepare to leave the nest.

Filling Out the FAFSA

Looking to get student aid? Use this resource to make getting through the tedious FAFSA document a little easier.

Paying for College

Delve into your options to help you afford higher education. Create a plan of attack for paying debt off after school.

Create a Budget

Moving out of the house? A solid budget will make sure that there’s food in the fridge, gas in the tank and electricity for the lights.

Rules for Renting

Even if you’re starting in a dorm, you might find a rental down the road. Prepare yourself with the ins and outs of being a renter.

Congrats to Our 35 Scholarship Recipients!

Educators Credit Union awarded a total of $70,000 to 35 deserving high school seniors to help pay for higher education. Celebrate this year’s recipients with a look at our scholarship booklet.

Want to learn more about saving, borrowing, improving your credit and other essential topics?

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