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Happy Member Loyalty day!

Educators Credit Union members earned over $4.27 million with Member Loyalty in 2020, our highest payout EVER!

Member Loyalty is how Educators Credit Union rewards members for, well, their loyalty. Members who have an active account build their reward each month based on the Educators Credit Union products and services they use. The more they use their account, the bigger the reward. There’s a max payout of $165 per member.

The Member Loyalty Widget in Online and Mobile Banking displays the total amount of your deposit.

Member Loyalty will be back in 2021. Watch for the latest information.



2 thoughts on “Happy Member Loyalty day!

    1. Thank you for your question, our Member Loyalty Page has the full information on how the reward is built every month at

      For your Member Loyalty in 2020, it was unlocked with a checking account and at least five withdrawals per month from any share linked to your account (savings, checking, credit, etc.). Withdrawals can be any combination of a:

      Debit or credit card purchase.
      Check withdrawal.
      Automatic payment.
      Bill Pay.
      ATM withdrawal.

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