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The Card Management Widget: A New Way to Manage Your Account Online

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Educators Credit Union strives to make your days easier, especially when it comes to managing your account. Our newest amazing tool to help you is called the Card Management Widget.

The Card Management Widget helps you manage your debit or credit cards in Online and Mobile Banking. Now, you can use the widget to:

  • Add travel notes to an Educators debit or credit card. We constantly monitor our members’ cards for fraud. If we see your card has been used in a different state or country, we might block it to protect you. Notify us of any trips in Online or Mobile Banking so that you don’t have to worry about a blocked card.
  • Replace a damaged debit or credit card. Use the widget in Online or Mobile Banking to have a replacement card sent to you. When it arrives, it will have the same information as the damaged one. If your card was lost or stolen, you should still call us at 262.886.5900 so that we can order a completely new card.
  • Check your Points for Perks. When you make purchases with your Educators credit card and non-PIN purchases with your debit card, you earn Points for Perks. Points can be redeemed for cash, rate discounts, gift cards, charitable donations and more.
  • Learn about and download Ctrl™. Ctrl is another great tool to manage your cards from Educators Credit Union. It adds a level of personal security by letting you turn Educators cards on or off, get instant spending notifications, set spending restrictions and more right from your mobile device.

To check out the new Card Management Widget, click here. Watch for more information on the widget and any new services added to make taking care of your account as simple as possible.

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