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ICU Day: Perks for Using Cards

Woman Holding Credit Cards

Using your Educators Credit Union cards? You’re earning perks! Educators Credit Union debit card and Visa® Platinum cards earn Points for Perks while the Visa® Signature Card gets 1.5% cash back on all purchases.

Cash back is pretty easy to understand, but how do Points for Perks work? You earn a point for every $1 spent on your credit card or for every $2 spent on a non-Pin debit transaction. Points can be used for:

  • Cash deposits to your accounts.
  • Rate discounts on qualified loans.
  • Rate increases on share certificates.
  • Gift cards.
  • Travel perks.
  • Charitable donations.

Want to redeem Points for Perks? Go into Online Banking and find the Points for Perks Widget. If it’s not in your top widgets, you can find it in the “More” icon.

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