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ICU Day Fact: Get Money For Using Your Account

Momey in a pile

How are credit unions different? There’s a ton of ways. We’re owned by our members, we’re not-for-profit, our Board of Directors are volunteers, and so on and so forth, but a huge way Educators Credit Union is different is that we PAY members for using their account.

It happens through a little (not little) program called Member Loyalty. Throughout the year, members with an active account build up rewards and can get up to $165 deposited in their account. Last year alone, members earned a $3.4 million deposit. That’s a big chunk of cash directly into our members’ accounts!

Wondering how big your reward is? There’s a widget in Online and Mobile Banking that will tell you! Just log in, go to the Member Loyalty Widget and you can see your total for this year and how your reward was earned.

The payout’s coming up for 2020! Check out and see how you can build yours. The last day to build your Member Loyalty is Nov. 30.

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