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Ctrl™ is Here to Save the Day!


When we say Ctrl™ saves the day, we mean it! To prove it, we’re sharing stories about the times Ctrl has come to the rescue. Today is a story from Christy at our Janesville branch about stopping fraudulent charges on the spot.

It was a little after midnight, and my husband and I had been asleep for a few hours. My smart watch, which happens to be synced to the Ctrl app, vibrated and woke me up. I thought it was strange that it would be going off in the middle of the night, so I managed to crack open one eye to check to see what was going on. Ctrl had alerted me that a transaction of $364 had just occurred in London, England, on our Visa® Signature card!

Whilst still lingering between dream world and reality, I assessed that we were not, in fact, in London. We would have also discussed any large purchases, especially overseas. I knew it was fraud! I rolled over, grabbed my phone, opened Ctrl and blocked the card. Now, had this happened before Ctrl, I would have probably been nervous and desperately trying to figure out what to do in a half-awake, bleary-eyed state; however, with Ctrl at my fingertips, it was no big deal. The fraudsters then tried again three more times, but at that point, with the card blocked, it was sweet justice to watch them try and fail.

“HA HA!!! DENIED!!” They were trying to purchase tickets to a soccer game (football, if you’re in England), but they weren’t going to get tickets at our expense!

The next morning, my husband woke up to a number of Ctrl alerts on his phone.

“Yeah, our card was compromised, but I blocked it with Ctrl, so we’re all good,” I said. “I’ll get us a new one!” And that was it! We were able to move on with our lives, knowing that our cards were protected and Ctrl would alert us the instant a purchase occurred.

Thank you for saving us well over $1,000 in fraudulent transactions, Ctrl!


Thank you, Christy for sharing your story! Have a story of your own? Tell us in the comments below.

Want to keep your cards safe? Download the Educators CU Ctrl app from your mobile device’s app store today!

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