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Educators Credit Union Celebrates Thirty-Three Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

Saver's Sweepstakes Logo

Thirty-three Educators Credit Union members won $100 each in the latest Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing!

The Saver’s Sweepstakes’ goal is to help members start better saving habits while giving them the chance to win money. Members say that goal is working.

“When I learned about Saver’s Sweepstakes, I thought it sounded like a great way to put away money for the future,” said Carrie F., one of this month’s $100 winners.

For more information on Saver’s Sweepstakes, visit

August’s thirty-three $100 winners are:

  • Asewanette B.
  • Charelle B.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Janelle B.
  • Kara B.
  • Allison C.
  • Angela C.
  • James C.
  • Josiah E.
  • Carrie F.
  • Lily H.
  • Shelly H.
  • Bradley J.
  • Jay K.
  • Richard K.
  • Adam L.
  • Christopher M.
  • Douglas M.
  • Jonah M.
  • Ashley O.
  • Brandon P.
  • Bridget P.
  • Kathleen P.
  • Eric R.
  • Rosanna S.
  • Shelbie S.
  • Penelope T.
  • Frances V.
  • James W.
  • Olivia W.
  • Omari W.
  • Tamika W.
  • Vergie W.

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