The New Financial Wellness Widget

Budgeting isn’t easy. Keeping tabs on every expense, sorting it all by category and proportioning it out. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was all automatic? With the new Financial Wellness Widget in Online and Mobile Banking, it is!

The Financial Wellness Widget automatically sorts the expenses in your account. The expense wheel will break down your spending by category and allow you to review your transactions easily. Other features include:

  • Bulk categorize your transactions! Have purchases that aren’t showing up in the right category? You can move them all over at one time instead of sorting each item one by one.
  • Month-to-month spending comparisons to help you see if your spending is staying consistent.
  • Options to track what’s coming out of specific shares, other Educators accounts or external accounts you’ve linked in Online or Mobile Banking.
  • A reoccurring expense notification to help you easily view subscriptions and cancel any that aren’t actively being used.

That’s not all! Educators is making your purchases easier to read in Online and Mobile Banking. With the update, each transaction will just display the name of the business. Click on the purchase and it will expand to show you additional information.

Start using the Financial Wellness Widget today! Log into your account in Online or Mobile Banking and start tracking your spending!



2 thoughts on “The New Financial Wellness Widget

    1. Hello Theresa,
      When you open you expand the purchase, click on the category. It will open a menu and allow you to choose or create a new category for that purchase. The system will remember to sort that purchase or transaction into that category in the future.
      Thank you!

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