Educators Credit Union Celebrates Twenty-Six Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners

Saver's Sweepstakes Logo

Twenty-six Educators Credit Union members won $100 each in the latest Saver’s Sweepstakes drawing!

The Saver’s Sweepstakes’ goal is to help members start better saving habits while giving them the chance to win money. Members say that goal is working.

“I opened Saver’s Sweepstakes as a way to help myself save every month”, said winner Tonia O.

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July’s twenty-six $100 winners are:

  • Nels A.
  • Lauri B.
  • Linda B.
  • Ethel C.
  • Susan C.
  • Amber D.
  • Jodi D.
  • Michael F.
  • Barbara G.
  • Christopher G.
  • Marcus G.
  • Heidi K.
  • Shelby K.
  • Meredith L.
  • Danna M.
  • Darcey M.
  • Nekeshio M.
  • Sandra N.
  • Tonia O.
  • Isabel R.
  • Victor R.
  • Andrew S.
  • Helen S.
  • Celia T.
  • Elliana T.
  • Francisco T.

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