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When I Needed Help, I Had Ctrl™


My wife and I were enjoying a pretty standard weekend in quarantine. We sat on our spots in couch, munching on our mid-day snacks and watching a show. Her phone buzzed and she immediately checked her notifications.

“Did you just spend $80 on a gym membership?” she asked.

“No,” I said back. “Our gym memberships were canceled when the pandemic started.”

“Well, someone just charged our account.”

I was caught off guard. Not only had our gym shut down, but the one charging us was one we hadn’t visited in five or six years. Thankfully, the notification came through on our trusted Educators Credit Union Ctrl™ app. My wife turned off our cards in the app to make sure we weren’t charged again. She then used the app to get the number for the business that charged us.

Within five or ten minutes, we were already getting to the bottom of our mystery charge. It turned out to be relatively innocent. When our gym closed during the pandemic, it sent our information to a partner. They had reactivated the memberships and that caused the charge from out of the blue.

It was nice that the situation wasn’t serious, but, as an already anxious person, I was very happy that we had Ctrl. We didn’t end up finding this surprise charge a week or two later, Ctrl instantly told us of the charge and we were able to get the business’ phone number and act quickly to resolve the situation. About 15 minutes after finding out what happened, we had it completely resolved. It was definitely nice to be in Ctrl.

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