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Congratulations to our 78 Saver’s Sweepstakes Winners!

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Educators Credit Union is celebrating 78 Saver’s Sweepstakes winners from the month of May! This includes 14 members who won $200 and 64 members who won $100. Fifty of the $100 winners were part of the special Educators-only drawing.

The Saver’s Sweepstakes’ goal is to help members start better saving habits while giving them the chance to win money. Members say that goal is working.

“I’ve had Saver’s Sweepstakes for two years now. I love the motivation and incentive to add to my savings,” said Kris B., a $200 winner.

To encourage people to keep building their savings, even during difficult times, Educators Credit Union and The Wisconsin Credit Union League are offering more chances to win! For every $25 saved, members will earn two entries through July 31. That means you can earn up to 12 entries each month! Also, Educators is drawing fifty $100 winners every month through July.

May’s fourteen $200 winners are:

  • Kris B.
  • Kathryn D.
  • Maricela F.
  • Rodney G.
  • Vickie K.
  • Madeline K.
  • Herlinda L.
  • Shannon L.
  • Jeanette M.
  • Rebecca N.
  • Gerard N.
  • Thomas S.
  • Tracy T.
  • Valerie T.


May’s sixty-four $100 winners are:

  • Kay A.
  • Alandra B.
  • Colin B.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Jeanette B.
  • Jessie B.
  • Nicole B.
  • Noah B.
  • Randy B.
  • David C.
  • Lewis C.
  • Vincent C.
  • Jacqueline D.
  • Susan D.
  • Janice F.
  • W. F.
  • Alianna G.
  • Holly G.
  • Chris H.
  • Frances H.
  • Mary H.
  • Lucille I.
  • Brittany J.
  • Danielle J.
  • Lisa J.
  • Rose J.
  • Taniqueka J.
  • Jan K.
  • Stacy K.
  • Sheena L.
  • Colleen M.
  • Darcey M.
  • Dianne M.
  • Elba M.
  • Ross M.
  • Timothy M.
  • Christine N.
  • Constance N.
  • Karyn N.
  • Nancy O.
  • Christopher P.
  • Dorothy P.
  • Holly P.
  • Mary P.
  • Susan P.
  • Veronica P.
  • Joy R.
  • Pedro R.
  • Darlene S.
  • Donald S.
  • Joan S.
  • Luanne S.
  • Mary S.
  • Sue S.
  • Yashawnda S.
  • Christopher T.
  • Felicia T.
  • June T.
  • Nub T.
  • Rhonika T.
  • Ashley W.
  • Matee W.
  • Olivia W.
  • Patricia W.

For more information on the Saver’s Sweepstakes and the temporary bonus entries and drawings, visit

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