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Five Ways to Thank a Nurse on Nurses Day

Happy Nurses Day

Today is National Nurses Day! Obviously, we’re all going through a difficult time right now, and nurses are a crucial part of getting us out of it. Because they’re working so hard and putting themselves on the line, now’s the time to let them know that they’re appreciated.

To help you show your gratitude, we’ve come up with five ways to thank a nurse on National Nurses Day.

  1. Say “thank you.” Maybe a little blunt, but it’s true: nurses will appreciate you just saying, “thank you.” If you know a nurse, or see someone in scrubs, make sure to stop and say thank you (while staying six feet away).
  2. Buy them a meal. If you have the money to spare, a small meal can go a long way to showing nurses your appreciation. Whether it’s ordering a delivery meal for a nurse you know or offering to pay for a nurse’s meal if you see them behind you in a drive-through, the effort will go a long way.
  3. Send a handwritten card. If you have some downtime and some crafts, send a handwritten card to a local hospital or clinic to let nurses know you appreciate them. It’s also an opportunity to thank more than one nurse at a time, while adding a strong personal touch.
  4. Put out something public. Spell out a thank you in your front window with construction paper or put a thank you sign in your lawn. Public support is always appreciated by first responders. Trust me, they’ll see it.
  5. Stay safe and stay healthy. Possibly the best way to thank a nurse is to stay safe and healthy. Obviously, there will be times when we get the cold, flu or another illness, but the effort is noted.

Want to thank a nurse? Leave a comment down below!

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