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Working on Money with Students at Home

Parents working a child at the kitchen table

As we’re all spending a lot more time at home, a lot of parents have found themselves asking how they can help their students keep learning while they’re out of school. Well Educators Credit Union can help!

We have easy-to-use online programs designed to help any age learn more about money. These tools can guide students through the importance of saving, tell them about credit, or even explain why it’s best to start saving for retirement early.

The programs are:

  • Banzai! Direct. The online program offers self-guided lessons on almost any money-related subject you could want to learn about. Students can walk through the program, preparing them to be fiscally responsible adults.
  • The College Planning Center. Help your student start planning for all aspects of college with the College Planning Center. This is a tool for the whole family to use. It can track grades, savings and tell you the cost of going to school. It will even compare the average tuition cost at a school to the average salary of the student’s goal career. It’s a great way to get your student thinking about their future in an engaging way.
  • BizKids. This award-winning program has dozens of ways to engage your students in essential lessons about money. Check out the video series and games as quick and interactive lessons that will stick.

There are even more great tools to use and lessons to be learned in the Financial Education section of our website. Visit the page and look around at all we have to offer.

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