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Bring the Art Museum to Your Home!

Looking for something to do that isn’t streaming a movie, watching a YouTube video or repeatedly scrolling through Instagram all day (You can’t like that photo we posted on the Educators Instagram again, you already liked it this morning)? How about a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum instead?

The Milwaukee Art Museum is offering digital tours to help people learn about the spectacular art pieces sitting alone in the galleries. The two currently featured exhibits are Byrdcliffe: Creativity and Creation and 19th-Century European Academic Paintings. They are adding more exhibits, so check back to see what’s new on the MAM website or social channels.

The digital tours are great for art fans, people who’d like to view some of the best art pieces of all time, or children who need some supplemental learning. Just open the gallery of your choice and use the 3D model to explore the exhibit. You can click and learn at your own pace, zoom out on pieces you’d like to study, and stop and pick up the tour as needed.

Already go on your digital tour? The Milwaukee Art Museum is offering a lot more. From audio information to learning projects for children or even coloring projects, there’s no shortage of fun to be had online with the Museum. Visit MAM.org to take advantage of these opportunities today!

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