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Helping Everyone Access Our Website

New look homepage

Educators Credit Union made a small change to the front page of our website overnight. You’ll now notice that the text on the homepage is on the left, not on the right. It’s all to improve our ADA compliance!

Before the change, it was slightly more difficult for the visually impaired to get access to our site because the text lived inside the image. Although we properly put in alternate text, it was more difficult for some tools to read the information to members. The text could also sometimes be cut off when screen sizes were reduced.

To fix this for all members, we’ve added a field on the left where all text will go. Now, that field will change and fit the text with the size of the window. It also makes it easier for tools that read sites out loud to translate.

We’re happy to make this change to our site to make it easier for all of our members to see and enjoy our content. Thank you for being an Educators member!

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