Save a Trip to the Branch

Educators Credit Union offers many digital services to help you save yourself a trip to the branch. We made a quick cheat sheet to help you find a service that will save yourself a drive and some time!

Need to make a withdrawal? Get cash from one of our 50,000 fee-free nationwide ATMs! Using the Branches & ATMs page of our website, you can find an ATM near you, including at local gas stations and convenience stores, to make a quick withdrawal. Remember, we have temporarily expanded limits to $605 for ATM cards and $1,005 for debit cards.

Want to transfer money or check a balance? Use Online and Mobile Banking! Online Banking can be found on using the Login button in the top right-hand corner. Mobile Banking can be downloaded from your phone’s app store. Log in to check your balance. If you need to move money between account, use the Transfer Widget on the left side.

Need to deposit a check? Do it from your phone! You can make mobile deposits in the Mobile Banking app with FlashCash. You can find the FlashCash icon at the bottom of the app. Click it, enter the amount you want to deposit, pick the account to deposit to and hit submit!

These are just some of our great mobile services. Find more in the E-Services section of

6 thoughts on “Save a Trip to the Branch

    1. Hello Emmett,
      If you are locked out of the app you likely entered the wrong password too many times. You will need to call 262.886.5900 to have your password reset.

  1. cant order checks online. the check order option is unavailable and is only posting my last stop check transaction.

  2. My debit card will expire next month. Will I be sent a new one automatically or do I have to go to the credit union?

    1. Thank you for your question Susan. When your Educators Credit Union debit or credit card is about to expire, a new card is automatically sent to your address on file. The new card normally arrives about three weeks before your old card expires.

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