If You Need a New Card, Call Us First!

Using a phone

Educators Credit Union can still help you replace lost, stolen, or damaged credit and debit cards at our branches, but before you go pick yours up, you MUST call 262.886.5900 and order it.

It takes a bit of time to print new cards. When you call before heading to the branch, it saves time for everyone involved. Cards need to be picked up the same day they’re ordered or the card could be shredded.

REMEMBER: You can’t pick up a new debit or credit card at a TOM branch while our lobbies are closed. TOMs are located at the West Bend, Center Street, Prospect, Mukwonago, Sturtevant and Pleasant Prairie branches. Our member service representatives can help you find a nearby location or you can visit the Branches & ATMs page of our website.

Thanks for understanding! We look forward to helping you, but remember to call first for cards!

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