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Ways to Have Fun While Social Distancing

Game Night

With most of us staying safe in our homes, we’re all dealing with the same issue: avoiding cabin fever. Mostly, we’re all trying to avoid this:

Thankfully, in 2020, there’s a lot of ways to stay in touch and have fun from the safety of our homes. To help you all avoid boredom we’re listing a few ways to have fun while social distancing.

  • A book club. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about wanting to start a book club, but excuses often get in the way. Now, we all have time to curl up with a good book or a digital book using your tablet or phone. Find some friends, pick a book and then discuss it with a video call! Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger all offer video calls, which can be done from a laptop or phone.
  • Board games. There’s a lot of digital board games out there that allow you to play your favorites – like Clue, Monopoly and Sorry – online. I’d also like to recommend JackBox, which can be played online with a computer or on a console. Then use a video chat so that you can smack talk your friends. If you have an extra webcam, you could even use an actual board game, although one person will have to be in charge of all the moves. Don’t forget traditional board games to play with the family members in your own house.
  • A Netflix party. By going to, you can sync your playback with your friends while watching a new movie or show. It is a third-party website, which means it has some risk to it when it comes to account security, but so far, the reviews have been great.
  • Online games. Whether you’re playing on your computer or phone, there’s a lot of games you can play with friends. I know my wife has found a renewed love for Words With Friends and even started a little challenge with a group of friends.
  • Jump back into nostalgia. Is there a collection of DVDs building up dust on your shelf? Have an old Nintendo lying around? Are there other fond memories from your past that are readily available? Pick them up and relive some of your favorites.
  • Of course, we can still get outside. Go for a nice a walk, just make sure to stay away from popular areas and, maybe even cross the street when someone else is coming to be respectful.

That’s just a few ways to fight boredom. How are you staying busy? Let us know in the comments below!

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