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Resources to Help With Your Finances

No matter what’s happening in life, we can all use a little financial help. That’s why Educators Credit Union has put together a wealth of resources to help you or your loved ones with your money. While some of us are staying safe at home, we now have a great opportunity to use some of these tools to either teach yourself about finances or share the information with someone else.

Here are some of the ways Educators Credit Union can help you teach, learn or practice financial education:

  • Financial tools for students at home. While the schools are closed, you can use EVERFI and Banzai! Direct to help students learn. The interactive online programs have lessons for every level of education, teaching students the importance of money management, saving, credit and other financial topics.
  • Budgeting assistance. Banzai! Direct also has a wealth of tools for adults. That includes the Budgeting Coach. If you need help creating a spending plan, the budgeting coach can help you plan how to use your expenses in a step-by-step program.
  • College planning resources. Now could be a great opportunity to sit down with your students and discuss their future. Our College Planning Center can help you research schools in your area, create budgets, and look at scholarships from birth to high school graduation.
  • Brush up on your financial education. Now is a great time to learn about savings, retirement planning and fixing credit. Use EVERFI@Work to take 21 courses on finances and learn more about your money.
  • Security information. Scams become very common during difficult times. Our website has information on current scams and how to take the proper steps to protect yourself.

Find these tools on the Financial Wellness tab of our website. Our resources are always expanding. Stay tuned to to see what’s available to help our members.



4 thoughts on “Resources to Help With Your Finances

  1. Is there a way that the bank loan payment that is due on April could not be taken out of my account for that month?

    1. We understand the coronavirus situation may cause some financial challenges and we’re always here to help.

      Please contact us at 262-886-5900 with any concerns or financial challenges you may be encountering so we can discuss ways to work through it together.

  2. Is it possible to get my perks points? I never seem to find the link on ECU website.

    Thank you for continuing to remain an awesome credit union ‼️

    1. Thank you for your question, the easiest way is to log into online banking on your computer and select the Points for Perks widget in online banking. This will bring up your current points total and the awards catalogue too.

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