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Educators Credit Union is updating the login process for Online Banking on our website. Starting Feb. 26, members will now enter both their username and password in the login box of the homepage.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important for Educators Credit Union to keep our security up to date. By changing the log in process to be more modern and secure, there are some other upgrades you’ll see to Online and Mobile Banking.

  • Since you will no longer see a separate password page at log in, your security image and phrase won’t be displayed.
  • Concerned about online security? You can now require multifactor authentication every time you log in to Online Banking. If you’re using Mobile Banking, the best line of defense is to require a fingerprint or face recognition at log in.
  • A new authentication method! You can now receive your PIN via phone call. When you turn this option on, the PIN will be delivered to the preferred phone number you currently have listed on your account.

We’re excited for this update we believe will benefit our members. Watch for more information as we continue to improve our products and services.



12 thoughts on “Improved Security Logins on

  1. I can’t get to my account page because of your stupid improving login page ad. This has happened top me three times now.

    1. Hello Fred,
      I am not aware of this issue. Please call 262.886.5900 so that we can look at this together and help you resolve it.
      Thank you.

  2. I am having the same issue on my mobile device. I can’t get to my account page because of the improvement ad displaying. It does not allow me to click no thanks, or later, but when I click to view it now and try to go back to my account, it does not allow it.

    1. Hello Robin,
      That is an issue with your interstitial messaging. Please call 262.886.5900 so that we can look at your account together and help you with this.

  3. I just logged in, but the new process concerns me. When I pressed the Login icon, my User name and password filled in automatically. This means anyone with access to my computer could gain control of my accounts should my computer be left open and unlock, which is a usual thing. I don’t know if this is a glitch, or something I should be very concerned about.

  4. This is not an improvement. Yes, 2-factor authentication is a good thing, in many ways, But the former procedure reassured **the user** that he/she was not logging on to a spoofed/fake ECU website. Now that extra level of security is gone. And, by the way, if you are going to roll out a major change in security protocol, you really should let members know **in advance.** Changing a security protocol without warning the users in advance means that we encounter a new procedure and have to use it intuitively, trusting that it is not a malware re-direct of some kind. You are training us to blindly follow possible bad security/phishing lures.

    1. Hello Reed,
      The highest security standard is the two-step verification, which can be enabled in your Settings under the Security tab. That secure number can be delivered to you via text, email or phone call and can be required at every login, if desired.

      The security images and questions that appear on the second page can be modified and altered by hackers. They can use what’s known as “scraping” to copy the image from a cache and can simply copy the security questions. Spoofing is just as much a concern with those elements. Those issues make it so that the second page was no longer the most secure security standard.

      While we agree that notifying members in advance is the best protocol for a change such as this, the backend work required made it difficult to know an exact date and time. To ensure members were notified of the new login, we made the change public on every communication channel available to us (e.g., email, text, website, social media, in Online Banking and more). That would ensure that members who are appropriately cautious would see that this was a valid change.

      We appreciate your feedback, Reed. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. I am having the same problem and like everyone else in the world I would expect more from my credit union than for me to be bothered with this nonsense.

    1. Hello Michael,

      That login issue should be resolved. If you are still experiencing issues at login, please call 262.886.5900 so that we can look at your account together.

    1. If you are still experiencing issues at login, please call 262.886.5900 so that we can look at your account together.

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