What to Know About Member Loyalty

Time is running out for Educators Credit Union members to build their Member Loyalty1! To make sure you’re getting the most from your account, we’ve gathered a few helpful facts that you should know before Member Loyalty ends.

Fact 1: Member Loyalty processes on Saturday, Nov. 30 and you’ll see your reward in your account Dec. 1.

Fact 2: You can unlock Member Loyalty by having an active checking account. If you’re a minor who doesn’t have a checking account, you’ll need to have a minimum of $100 in your savings account3.

Fact 3: An active checking account means you get at least one check, electronic deposit from outside Educators Credit Union or payroll direct deposit per month. You then make at least five checking transactions per month using any combination of debit card2 purchases, checks from your account, automatic withdrawals or paying bills with Bill Pay. ATM withdrawals do not count as a transaction.

Fact 4: You earn rewards by using Educators’ products and services. Each qualified service you use earns you a bigger reward. See every way you can build your reward on the Member Loyalty page of www.ecu.com. 

Fact 5: If Educators Credit Union increases active checking users by 20% by. Nov. 30, everyone with an active checking account in November will get a BONUS deposit.

Want to learn more? See the services you’ll need to use to earn your reward at www.ecu.com/loyalty.


1Educators Credit Union members will receive one Member Loyalty Reward per primary account holder social security number. A member can only receive one reward. Business accounts are eligible if their account uses an Employer Identification Number, not a social security number that is already linked to another Educators Credit Union account. The account earns a reward each month that builds to the Nov. 30 deposit. Members will see the reward in their account on Dec. 1. The account must be in good standing with Educators Credit Union for the member to participate in the reward that month. If a member’s checking account is negative due to Overdraft Privilege, that member is still eligible to participate in the program as long as the account is brought positive within the 35-day period. Your account must be in good standing to earn the reward. You can earn one monthly reward per service listed. For example, if you have multiple auto loans or leases, it will count as one service. Other restrictions may apply. Annual Percentage Yield for Educators Credit Union’s base checking account is 0.01%. The minimum to earn the APY on a checking account is $2,500. The rate may change after the account is open. Rate is accurate as of Nov. 14, 2019. Educators Credit Union loans cannot be past due to earn the monthly reward.
2ATM withdrawals do not count as debit card transactions. Transfers from the checking share to another share, such as savings or loans, does not count as one of the five transactions.
3Minors will get $25 in their account if they have $100 in their savings on Nov. 30 unless they have earned the standard Member Loyalty reward and it is more than $25.

15 thoughts on “What to Know About Member Loyalty

    1. Thank you for your question, no additional sign up is needed, as long as you have an active checking account you unlock Member Loyalty.

    1. Thank you for your question, enrollment occurs automatically when you have an active checking account, no additional signup is needed.

    1. Hello Kathy,
      You earn money from January to November that you’ll see in your account on Dec. 1. If you’ve earned any money during the year, you keep it for that deposit. It will not expire, even if you don’t have an active checking account the following month.

  1. What if i have im not a minor and have an active savings account i cant recieve anything? If i open a checking account on the the 28th would that count how would that work?

    1. Hello Jamila,
      You will need an active checking account if you are not a minor. You may be able to earn a reward if you open a checking account this week, but you’ll need to do everything listed to make your account active and it will need to be processed by Nov. 30.

  2. If I have an active checking account all year and haven’t made any purchases this month do I still qualify for rewards?

    1. Thank you for your question, the reward is accumulated each month, so your total reward will reflect the sum of each individual month.

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