Last Chance to Earn More for Member Loyalty!

November is the last month to earn money for your 2019 Member Loyalty Reward1! On average, Educators Credit Union members are already on pace to earn a bigger reward this year than they did in 2018.

To unlock your Member Loyalty Reward, you’ll just need an active checking account. An active checking account is when:

  • You deposit a check, receive an electronic deposit from a non-Educators Credit Union account, or receive a payroll direct deposit into your checking account at least once a month.
  • You make at least five checking transactions each month. These transactions can be any combination of using your debit card2, writing a check, making an automatic withdrawal or using Bill Pay. It does not include ATM withdrawals.

BONUS: If Educators Credit Union increases our active checking users by 20% in 2019, everyone with an active checking account on Nov. 30 gets a bonus reward! Spread the word and help make this already big year even bigger!

Don’t miss out on your chance to earn a reward! The reward will be processed on Nov. 30 and show in  Go to to learn more about building your reward.


1Educators Credit Union members will receive one Member Loyalty Reward per primary account holder social security number. A member can only receive one reward. Business accounts are eligible if their account uses an Employer Identification Number, not a social security number that is already linked to another Educators Credit Union account. The account earns a reward each month that builds to reward being processed on Nov. 30. Members can see the rewards in their accounts on Dec. 1.  The account must be in good standing with Educators Credit Union for the member to participate in the reward that month. If a member’s checking account is negative due to Overdraft Privilege, that member is still eligible to participate in the program as long as the account is brought positive within the 35-day period. Your account must be in good standing to earn the reward. You can earn one monthly reward per service listed. For example, if you have multiple auto loans or leases, it will count as one service. Other restrictions may apply. Annual Percentage Yield for Educators Credit Union’s base checking account is 0.01%. The minimum to earn the APY on a checking account is $2,500. The rate may change after the account is open. Rate is accurate as of July 1, 2019.
2ATM Withdrawals do not count as debit card transactions. Transfers from the checking share to another share, such as savings or loans, does not count as one of the five transactions.

8 thoughts on “Last Chance to Earn More for Member Loyalty!

  1. Ok So how do I sign up? I don’t see where it says “sign up here”. I guess I’m missing something. Do I need to come into the credit union office to do that?

    1. Thank you for your question, no signup or enrollment is required, the most important thing is meeting the criteria of having an active checking account listed above.

  2. My payroll goes to my savings then I usually transfer to my checking what I need to pay bills. Does that count for a loyalty award or should I change my payroll deposit to checking?

    1. Thank you for your question Kimberly, we’ve adjusted the program to include direct deposits to savings so as long as the other portion of active checking is met you are qualified for the reward this year.

  3. We have direct deposit into checking for two different ss# accounts and previously received the loyalty payment. Apparently now we have to re-register to be included in the program. How and why did we get removed from the program? After reading requirements I do not understand why we have been removed. Please explain.

    1. Thank you for your question Kurt, we introduced this year’s program in January but no registration is required. As long as you meet the criteria for an active checking account each month, you are unlocking and building your reward. If you have accrued a reward so far this year, it will be listed at the bottom of the checking portion of your most recent statement. We can also look at it together with you over the phone at 262-886-5900.

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