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It’s Important to Know…

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It’s important to know why credit unions are different. Yes, most credit unions offer competitive rates, fewer fees and local service, but the real difference is you.

When you opened your account at Educators Credit Union, it was much bigger than opening an account at most financials. With that $5 deposit, you became a business owner. Everyone who has an account at Educators is a member AND an owner. Every time you save money, get a new loan, use a service and everything in between with your Educators account, you’re helping your business grow.

When you help your business grow, you help:

  • Hundreds of thousands of peers in your community ger competitive rates and services.
  • Tens of thousands of students in local schools learn about saving money, building credit, planning for college and other important financial topics.
  • Dozens of community events get support and bring treasured events to you and your neighbors.
  • And so much more!

Being a credit union member means you’re helping make a difference. We value each one of our members so much and want to thank you for choosing us as your financial. Happy International Credit Union Day!

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