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The Upgraded Educators Credit Score Widget

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Educators Credit Union has upgraded its Credit Score Widget in Online and Mobile Banking. Log in now and check out the new tool, powered by SavvyMoney®.

The upgraded Credit Score Widget gives you daily updates on your credit score without impacting your score. It then breaks down what you are doing that’s helping and hurting your score. Use that information to help build or maintain your score.

The new Credit Score Widget:

  • Lets you pull your credit report. Get your report without having to come to a branch.
  • Helps monitor your credit. Set up email alerts that will go out whenever there’s a big change to your score.
  • Shows you opportunities to save. The widget will compare your current loan rates with Educators’ and tell you how much you could save by refinancing a loan.
  • Shares helpful information. The widget has a library of articles with helpful financial resources.

Log in to Online and Mobile Banking and enroll in the Credit Score Widget powered by SavvyMoney to get your credit score today.

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