Support Ending for Internet Explorer

At the end of the year, Educators Credit Union’s Online Banking will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer.

Because Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge as Microsoft’s primary internet browser, it’s no longer receiving regular updates. That means that there is no security or other maintenance happening to the program. That lack of support opens the door for potential viruses and other threats that could expose your information to fraudsters when you use Online Banking on Internet Explorer.

If you currently use Internet Explorer, you will now need to use one of the following browsers to log in to Online Banking:

You can download any of the browsers by clicking on the links above or searching for and using the browser’s official website.

This change will not impact your use of Mobile Banking.

4 thoughts on “Support Ending for Internet Explorer

  1. Is this for real?? I don’t know how to get google chrome. There is no link posted above for these browsers as mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your message, there should be an option to click either “no thanks” or “remind me later”. If these options aren’t available, please let us know what type of browser you are using.

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