Happy Member Loyalty Payout Day!

Fraud Alert: Please be aware that fraudulent text messages requesting personal information have been reported and received by both members and non-members in our service areas. Educators Credit Union will never ask for your personal information through an email, text message or an outgoing call to you. DO NOT click on any text message links or provide any personal or financial information.

Don’t Forget Us on Move-In Day!

When you’re packing up your things for college, don’t forget to bring Educators with you!

That’s right, your credit union can travel with you to school. We’ve worked hard to give you plenty of options to manage your money, even if you move out of state. Stay connected to your account with:

  • Online Banking. Log in to Online Banking to check balances, transfer money, pay bills and more. You can even use it to transfer money from one Educators account to another (AKA an easy way to get grocery money from mom and dad).
  • Mobile Banking. You can use the Mobile Banking app from anywhere once downloaded to your phone. It also gives you access to FlashCash for mobile check deposits.
  • Co-op shared branches. Educators partners with other credit unions across the country so that our members can go into their branches to make simple transactions, like deposits and withdrawals. Find a nearby co-op shared branch on the Branches & ATMs page.
  • ATM network. We also have a nationwide network of more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs. You can also search for fee-free ATMs on the Branches & ATMs page.

With all of these services, it’s easy to take your account with you. College is hard enough, no need to make it harder by changing financials.

ONE MORE THING! We know it’s nice to have your own account, but it’s not a bad idea to leave mom or dad on it. If your parents or guardians are on the account, they can go into the branch to help with something in case of an emergency. For example: Lose your card but can’t make it in before a branch closes? Mom or dad could head into the branch for you and get a new card printed if they’re joint on your account.

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