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Celebrating Teachers That Made a Difference in Our Lives: Mrs. Morrissette

eacher pointing to raised hands in classroom

In our individual journeys to success, we all have learned many great things about life. The most beneficial things I have learned in my life come from my teachers, past and present. One particular teacher who had a positive impact on my life was Mrs. Morrissette.

When my mother was deported, I did not have any guidance on what I wanted to do with my life. But Mrs. Morrissette saw my potential and challenged me to reach it. She encouraged me to attend our school’s Future Business Leaders of America Club. When I finally decided to show up for a meeting. The meeting was the first step to shaping the person I would become. The club taught me how to network, how to have confidence and how to be determined to succeed.

In high school, I knew my father would not be able to afford to help me pay for college, but Mrs. Morrissette knew about an opportunity that could help me afford my tuition. She encouraged me to apply to become a co-op teller with Educators Credit Union at just 17 years old. Being a co-op teller would allow me to have a consistent job while still going to school. She always encouraged me to try new things and not to allow myself to be intimidated by new experiences.

At times I wanted to give up, but Mrs. Morrissette would not allow me to stop. I am thankful she put so much time and effort to mentor me. Because of this, I started taking college courses before I graduated high school and became the youngest District Ambassador of Gateway Technical College and Wisconsin Technical System.  I wouldn’t have had that initiative had it not been for Mrs. Morrissette.

Overall, my teachers’ motivation and love for students allowed me to become a woman of determination, confidence and a goal-setter. Now, I have worked for Educators Credit Union officially for two years and will graduate from Gateway in May with an associate degree, just a year after graduating from high school. I will forever be thankful to the teacher who encouraged me to become a successful individual. Thank you, Mrs. Morrissette!

– Keydi O.

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