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Celebrating Nurses Day From the Eyes of a Nurse’s Son

My entire life, I’ve looked up to my mother. She’s a powerful and independent woman, she raised our family, did everything necessary to help us accomplish our dreams and goals, and so much more. But my admiration extends past family into her career: nursing.

Growing up, I was always aware that my mom was making a significant difference in the lives of others. We’d hear about her day at work and time with her favorite patients, get to listen to her ideas on how she could do better, and then, get the unique opportunity to meet some of her patients in the real world.

When patients left the hospital and saw my mom, they would always be ecstatic to see her. They’d carry huge smiles on their face and my mom always knew their name. My siblings and I would always be confused about why this person we’ve never met (and often their spouse) would be greeting my mom like a beloved family member. Now, as an adult, I get it. My mom wasn’t just coming in to change IVs, check medicals and occasionally bring you food. She was taking care of that person mentally and forming genuinely strong and lasting bonds.

That’s why nurses are so important. Many of these people are going through the toughest period of their life. Working in a transplant clinic, my mom helped her patients recover from significant surgeries and ailments. But it wasn’t in and out, she would also offer them companionship in a terrifying time where they were down on their luck. They’re keeping you alive with their care and attention to detail, making you comfortable, and giving you some human connection during a trying and arduous journey.

My mom’s heroism extends when she’s off the clock, too. Watching her spring into action when there’s a significant car accident, or save a man going through a major cardiac event on an airplane has almost become the norm. Who needs superheroes when your mom saves lives almost routinely?

I know that my mom is making a significant impact in the lives of someone each and every day. I also know that there are thousands of nurses making that same heroic impact day in and day out (including my sister because nursing has become a family job). I’m proud to be the son of a nurse.

On behalf of myself and everyone here at Educators Credit Union, thank you, nurses! Your compassion, dedication and bravery are important to all of us.

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