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ALERT: A New Scam is Targeting Wisconsin Residents


Wisconsin residents are being targeted by a new scam where fraudsters pretend to be the Social Security Department. The scammers are calling people in our area from a spoofed phone number that says they are from the Social Security Department. These fraudsters tell the person on the other line that their social security number is compromised and they must remove all of their money from their financial. The fake social security officer states that a representative will collect the money and replace their social security number after that exchange.

The Social Security Department would NEVER call you directly. Should your information be compromised, they would send a letter to you asking you to contact their offices.

If these scammers try to contact you or you believe you are a victim of this scam, please contact your local police department.

Use caution whenever you receive a phone call that demands immediate action, especially if the person on the other line wants your money, social security number, credit card number or other sensitive information. If you doubt that the person on the other line is who they say they are, hang up and call the company directly using a number from their official website.

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