Track your credit score in Online and Mobile Banking

Educators Credit Union is introducing its latest and greatest addition to Online and Mobile Banking: the FICO® Score Widget1.

Now, members can use the FICO® Score Widget to track their credit score each month. The widget also tells you the top reasons for the score you have, giving you the knowledge to help you improve it.

To see your FICO® Score in Online Banking:

  • Click the “More” icon on the left side of the page.
  • Click on the FICO® Score Widget.
  • To add the widget to the menu, go to your settings, click the “Widgets” tab, and click the star on the “FICO® Score” line to add it to your favorite widgets.
  • The widget will automatically appear on your widget menu in Mobile Banking.

Credit scores are used to help lenders determine if they’ll approve you for a loan. It can go up and down based on your total debt, your income, your payment history and more.

For more information on the FICO® Score Widget, go to the FICO® page.

Need help setting up the widget in Mobile Banking? Use our helpful guides for enrollment and unenrollment.

1The FICO® Score Widget will only display the credit score for the primary member on the account. Minor, trust and business accounts do not have access to the FICO® Score Widget. Members whose credit profiles are currently frozen will not be able to use the FICO® Score Widget.