Fraud Alert: Look out for scammers trying to contact you through text messages, emails and phone calls. Giving out personal or financial information may cause you to suffer a financial loss. Only log in from the Educators Credit Union Mobile Banking app or directly on our official website (

Protect Yourself From Fraud

Web security image.

Security is incredibly important to us at Educators Credit Union. We want to do everything within our power to help you protect your information from fraud attempts.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your sensitive information safe:

  • Be suspicious of any email requesting or demanding immediate action. Scammers take advantage of you by making you act before you have time to think.
  • Avoid clicking on links in emails, especially if it’s requesting private information or is unsolicited. Instead, close the email and visit the company’s website yourself.
  • Only use your login or sensitive information in secure and familiar environments. Don’t share this in an email, text or phone call that was unsolicited.
  • If you click on a link that takes you to a company’s website, look carefully at the URL, website colors and the content. Any unusual changes or differences should be an immediate red flag.

We hope these tips will go a long way to keeping your personal and sensitive information safe.

Educators Credit Union is always working to empower you to take security into your own hands. One excellent tool is our Ctrl™ app. Download Ctrl today and use it to instantly turn your Educators cards on or off, set spending limitations, and get notifications about purchases.

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