Parker Community Credit Union Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

On April 30, 2019, Educators Credit Union will stop processing all direct deposits and automatic payments that use Parker Community Credit Union account and routing numbers.

You currently have one or more merchants processing automatic payments/deposits through your PCCU account and routing number. We have attempted to contact and change the account information on your behalf, but these vendors require that you update this information. A letter was mailed to you with the vendors that have the incorrect account information.

Please update your account and routing number with the person or organization sending the automatic withdrawal or deposit as soon as possible. You can request a direct deposit specification form or request assistance with this process through Live Chat in Online Banking, by phone at 262.886.5900 or at any Educators branch.



4 thoughts on “Parker Community Credit Union Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

  1. Hello,
    Do you know which company it is from so that I can update them? I thought that I have updated everyone.

    Katherine Field

    1. Hello Katherine,
      A letter is being sent to your home address with the vendors that need to be updated. You may also call us at 262.886.5900 or visit any branch and we can tell you which vendors still have the PCCU numbers.

  2. I am having trouble with updating my Paypal account. It is supposed to send a small amount of money to the account to verify but it never happens.

    1. Thank you for your question Niles, we can look at this together over the phone at 262-886-5900 or through the live chat in Online Banking.

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