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Auto & Lease: More Amazing Than Even I Believed!

Through my role at Educators Credit Union, it’s essential that I have a good to excellent understanding of our services and products. I regularly write about Auto & Lease and the benefits it offers to our members, but it wasn’t until recently that I truly understood how easy it makes shopping for a car.

My wife and I weren’t actively shopping for a new car, but the dealer allegedly had a fantastic trade-in offer to make. We went in, heard what the dealer was offering, and decided that if the price was right, we were interested. I paused and thought, “Wait, Educators has something for this.”

I drove over to the Educators Credit Union Sturtevant branch and was almost immediately connected with a vehicle specialist. We quickly told him exactly what was happening, from the trade-in value we were being offered, the monthly payment we had on our current vehicle, the cost of the car we wanted, and the payment we wanted.

In no time, they armed us with resources to go back to the dealer. He confirmed that the cost of the trade in was right where it should be. Using Educators Credit Union’s preferred dealer network, he let us know that the dealership would give us a no-haggle price $350 below inventory pricing. Then he helped us check our credit scores so that we could see what type of loan and rate we’d be getting. Everything we did at Auto & Lease took substantially less time than the dealer just giving us an offer for my trade.

After being loaded up with information, I went back to the dealer, told them exactly what I had learned and the deal was done! There wasn’t any driving around searching for a better offer, further haggling, or upselling for additional features, it was all as easy as it could have been.

While not every experience will be identical, I now personally believe the only way to shop for a car is with Auto & Lease. They help remove the stress and worry that comes with car buying. Just having someone on my team helped make everything more manageable in the long run.

To learn more about what Auto & Lease can do for you, visit the Auto & Lease page.

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