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Money Lessons at Your Fingertips

Anyone can learn more about money and finances with Banzai Direct. The online education program is available to everyone on Educators Credit Union’s Financial Education page.

Banzai Direct is an interactive program you can use at your own pace. Make an account for yourself to learn about essential financial topics or use it to teach children about money.

Banzai Direct can help with:

  • Loan decisions. Get information on certain loan types, interest rates and use the Banzai loan calculator to figure out what your payment could be.
  • Budgeting your money. Building a budget is hard, but Banzai has lessons on how to make it easier and how to set goals for your savings.
  • Retirement planning. Learn about the different ways you can save for retirement. Use the calculator in the Banzai Direct Library to see how much money you should be saving to hit your retirement goal.
  • Protecting your money. Banzai has useful lessons on protecting yourself from financial scams and what to do if someone steals your identity.

Start your Banzai Direct lessons today. Visit the Financial Education page and click on the Banzai Direct link to get started.

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