What You Need to Know for Tax Season

Tax season is here, and Educators Credit Union wants to make sure you avoid any problems filing this spring. We have put together a list of must-dos as you submit your taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Taxes are due by Monday, April 15. Make sure you have everything sent to the IRS by that date. The government requires that all tax documents be delivered by Jan. 31. If you have not received a tax document you are expecting by then, follow up with the organization that is sending you the document.
  • When arranging a direct deposit for a tax refund, make sure to use your correct 11-digit account number. Educators members can find their account numbers on the bottom of their checks or can ask for it at a branch or by calling 262.886.5900. Your statements and Online Banking do not have your full account number.
  • If you do not use the correct account number, you are liable for lost refunds. Double check that you are providing accurate information. The IRS uses account numbers, not names, to verify payment. If an issue occurs, contact the IRS right away. Visit www.IRS.gov for contact information.
  • Having a professional file your taxes? Thoroughly review your tax agreement before handing over valuable information. Avoid hidden fees or agreeing to something that doesn’t sound right. Do your research beforehand to make sure you are using a quality service. Never agree to let a tax professional deposit your return into their account first and then give it to you.

We hope these tips can help protect you this tax season. If you have additional questions about filing your taxes, please contact a tax professional for assistance.

6 thoughts on “What You Need to Know for Tax Season

  1. We tried to get the discount. It took us to the Turbotax page. We logged into Turbotax and did our taxes. Never got a discount anywhere from Educator’s. What kinds of discounts are there? This issue is vague at best. So you mentioned $15 being the maximum discount for the self-employed option. What are the other options? We feel duped and are very mad that we didn’t get any kind of discount.

    1. Thank you for your question, I’m sorry to hear of any confusion. With the link through our Member Perks Page, the discounts are reflected on the first page. It is $5 off Deluxe, $10 off Premiere and $15 off Self-Employed. If you selected any of those options on that page, you should have received your Educators Credit Union Member discount.

    1. Thank you for your question, this document is available in Online Banking. After you log in, please click on eDocuments on the left side. Then on the next page, click on the tax forms tab. Under that tab, you will see all of your tax forms from Educators Credit Union.

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