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Educators Credit Union Members Are Getting Rewarded!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Educators Credit Union Loyalty Pay Back season! In 2018, Educators Credit Union is putting a total of $3.1 million into our members’ accounts based on their loyalty.

Educators Credit Union member-owners are the reason we can make a difference in their lives, their families lives, and the lives of their friends and neighbors. Their investment empowers us to:

  • Help members borrow and save money at competitive and fair rates.
  • Donate time and money to nearly 100 local charitable organizations.
  • Teach thousands of area students crucial financial literacy lessons to prepare them for adulthood.
  • Support and help more than 275 local events in our 11-county service area.
  • And so much more!

There is no chance Educators Credit Union could make the impact we do without our members. Every service they use and commit to helps us achieve more in the places where we live and work.

To thank our members for their continued support, the 2018 Loyalty Pay Back Reward will be awarded based on the number of services they use. Payouts will be divided into three groups: member-owners using three to four qualified services, member-owners using five to six qualified services, and member-owners using seven or more qualified services. Qualified services are:

  • Auto Loan or Lease3
  • Business Checking Account4
  • Business Credit Card4
  • Business Line of Credit4
  • Checking Debit Card2
  • Credit Card2
  • Direct Deposit2
  • eStatements2
  • First Mortgage Home Loan3
  • Home Equity Loan3
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)3
  • Investment Services Account3
  • Mobile Banking2
  • Money Market Account3
  • Other Loan – Personal, Student3
  • Share Certificate3

Members have until Nov. 30 to add services to their account ahead of Loyalty Pay Back. Educators Credit Union members can use Online Banking, stop in at a branch or call 262.886.5900 to add a new service.

1To qualify, members must be in good standing. Member’s accounts cannot be in the negative and loan payments cannot be past due or have charged off balances. Each service will only be counted once. For example: if a member has an account with multiple share certificates, those certificates would be counted as ONE qualified service. Reward is available for up to two account numbers per primary member.
2Service must have active use with at least one posted transaction in November. Using the Educators Mobile Banking app qualifies as Mobile Banking.
3Loan and deposit accounts must have a balance greater than zero on Nov. 30 to qualify. The Rapid Relief Loan, Fresh Start Loan and Credit Rebuilder Loan do not qualify for the reward.
4To qualify for the Business Member Pay Back Reward, a business must have a business checking, business line of credit and a business credit card with Educators. They have to be open and at least two services have to be active in the month of November.

19 thoughts on “Educators Credit Union Members Are Getting Rewarded!

    1. Thank you David, the dollar amounts for each tier will be finalized on November 30th once we tally all the members that qualify for the reward this year. The amount of the reward this year is $3.1 million total, but the per-tier amount is dependent on the number of members that qualify.

  1. Hello! I just paid off my Auto Loan last month, will that no longer count as a “service” since it has a zero balance?

    1. Thank you for your question, Lorena. Congratulations on making your final loan payment and getting the title for your vehicle! Since that is no longer an active auto loan that will not count as one of your loyalty services on November 30th when we tally our loyalty reward.

    1. Hi Sarah, the reward will be processed overnight tonight and will be distributed tomorrow morning to all qualifying members for the reward.

  2. So now that the payout has been made, can you please provide the dollar amounts that were awarded for each level? Thank you

    1. Thank you for your question Cindy,

      This year’s tiers were
      3-4 loyalty services received $15
      5-6 loyalty services received $55
      7 or more loyalty services received $100

  3. How can I check on this? I counted up that I have 6 or 7 services but I only got a reward for the 3 or 4 services.

  4. I don’t think this is fair to the members who’ve had a Savings Accounts with Educators for a number of years because College Students were able to receive the Loyalty Reward where you have adults who were overlooked.

    1. Thank you Tricia, as a member-owned financial institution we value the feedback we receive from our members. For the Loyalty Pay Back Reward, our intent isn’t to overlook members but rather to reward the members that currently are using our loyalty services. For some members that means that their loyalty reward fluctuates between one year and the next if they finish paying off a loan and since that service is no longer active it wouldn’t count towards this year’s reward. We’re thrilled that in 2018, we were able to offer our greatest loyalty reward yet of nearly $3.1 million.

    1. Hi Christine, if you would like to give us a call at 262-886-5900 we can look at your account together. For the reward, the loyalty services had to be used in the month of November. All rewards were distributed to qualifying members Prime Share Savings last Saturday.

  5. Just looked and got NOTHING on any of my accounts! Did they not count credit cards if you paid off your balance? If so, that’s odd. Good customers are also financially responsible ones and that should be rewarded. I should have at least had the $15 reward for e-statements, a CC transaction and direct deposit.

    1. Thank you for your question, were all of these services active in November? If so, you should have received the award in your Prime Share Savings on December 1st.

      We can look at this together over the phone at 262-886-5900 or through the chat within online banking.

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