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Why Warranty? Because it Helps

Educators Credit Union is helping members save hundreds of thousands of dollars this year with our Vehicle Service Agreement from IWS.

IWS offers affordable extended warranties that help Educators Credit Union members save. In 2018, we have saved members $204,365 in mechanical breakdown repairs thanks to these vehicle warranties!

  • Any Educators Credit Union member can add on an IWS Vehicle Service Agreement as long as their vehicle is eligible.
  • IWS warranties are affordably priced but still offer the same protections as plans that are much more expensive.
  • You don’t need an Educators Credit Union vehicle loan to qualify for our warranty. If you have a non-Educators loan, ask for a What’s Your Score?® credit report so that we can see if Educators Credit Union can save you money by refinancing your loan.

You can add your name to the more than 575 people who’ve protected themselves so far this year with a Vehicle Service Agreement. Visit any Educators Credit Union branch and ask the greeter to speak with a Member Finance Representative or Vehicle Specialist about these warranties today.

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