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Do These Tasks Now to Protect Your Home Later

Fall is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start preparing your home for the winter. Not only is it easier to take care of these tasks while the weather is still warmer, but it can also end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future.

  • Change your furnace filter. Most homes should change their furnace filters every few months. While a lot of people won’t do that, replacing it every season can go a long way to keeping your furnace healthy. Should it break, you’ll be looking at a huge cost for your home.
    • You should also want to consider having a professional come in and giving the furnace a quick tune-up.
  • Clear your gutters. Few things can lead to a costly repair as quickly as water damage. If you want to avoid water damaging your home, clear your gutters, so all of the rain and melting snow is being sent away from the foundation.
  • Shut off and run your outside faucets. Don’t get stuck having a flooded basement because of a burst pipe. Find the shutoff valve for your home’s faucets leading outside and turn them off. Then run the tap until no more water is coming out.
  • Seal your windows. One of the easiest ways to spend a lot of money in the winter is by heating your home. If your windows aren’t properly caulked and treated, heat can easily escape. Go outside and look at each window to ensure you’re keeping all of the heat in.
  • Check your outside vents. Not only will clearing your outside vents keep your furnace running efficiently, but any debris preventing air from leaving these exits is a fire hazard. Make the rounds and see that any vent has nothing blocking it, or event coming close.

Have any other tips homeowners should know about preparing for the winter? Add a comment below to help everyone save money and be safe.

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