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Avoid Eating Away Your Money

couple grocery shopping

One of the easiest ways to lose out on your money is from an everyday necessity: food. Often, we’re overpaying to eat out or buying food that ends up going to waste. So, how do we save and get money back while still eating the food we love? Here are four tips to save but not lose out on the food we like:

  •  Buy frozen. Frozen food lasts longer than fresh food. Frozen veggies, fruits and meat can last months compared to the days that they’ll last in the fridge or on the counter. Frozen foods can also be cheaper than the fresh stuff.
  •  Make a meal plan. Plan everything to a T, even the nights you can eat out. By having each meal carefully coordinated, it can limit that urge to head to the drive-thru and grab something on the way home. Take it a step further and prepare your meals at the start of the week.
  •  Check the expiration dates. Food waste is a big problem, especially for your wallet. Getting even an extra day can go a long way to avoiding having to throw your food in the garbage or down the drain. It also saves you a trip to the store to get something to replace the food that went bad.
  •  Plan ahead and take advantage of sales. Coupon clipping is nearly extinct, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t take careful consideration into how we shop. Pull up the store’s website and plan on taking advantage of specials for a day or week. This even works for saving while eating out! Many restaurants offer free kids meals during the week with the purchase of an adult entree.

As with most things, it’s easier said than done, but working towards using some of these tips can lead to extra savings. Over time, those savings will stack up and you’ll see the difference in your account. Comment below with more helpful tips for saving on the cost of food!

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