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Tips for running at the Racine YMCA Lighthouse Run

On Saturday, June 16, hundreds of people will take to the streets of Racine for the 40th YMCA Lighthouse Run.

The annual run is a fun way to support the local community. Participants can try their hand – or better yet, feet – at the 10-Mile Run, the 4-Mile Run, or the 4- and 2-Mile Fun Run/Walk.

To help you prep for the big event, we have some tips on running that 10-mile course:

  • Start slow, stay slow. Conserving your energy is key. Going too fast can lead to burn out in the final miles.
  • Bring a snack. Eating a snack within the first 30 minutes of a run can help keep you energized for the duration.
  • Drink, drink and drink some more. We all know hydration is important. Start drinking water two hour before the race and plan to get a mid-run drink in at least. If it’s hot or humid, you need to drink more water to make up for it.

The YMCA Lighthouse Run supports the Strong Kids Campaign. Through this program, thousands get support to attend the YMCA and its programs through scholarships.

When you’re at the Lighthouse Run, look for Educators Credit Union’s Interactive Trailer! We’ll be at the event giving lessons about our credit union and providing great credit union swag.

Educators Credit Union is proud to sponsor this Racine community staple.

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