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Teacher Appreciation Week – Mr. Kayser

Educators Credit Union values teachers year-round, but we are putting some local teachers under the spotlight during Teacher Appreciation Week. Today we are celebrating Alexander Kayser, a teacher at SC Johnson Elementary School.

Mr. Kayser grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin and went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for his degree in Music Education. He then completed his student teaching in West Allis and Racine. Now he’s been teaching music for six years to students in 4K all the way to 5th graders.

It seems to be a good fit, as Mr. Kayser is passionate about introducing students to the world of music.

“I love being able to make music and be creative with my students every day and provide them with a positive and safe outlet to express their emotions, talents, and interests,” Mr. Kayser said. “It’s just so much fun!”

When asking Mr. Kayser what the most challenging part of teaching is for him, he said that it’s trying to make an impact on every student that walks through the door.

“It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it!” said Mr. Kayser.

It’s especially worthwhile when he gets to watch the students smile and have fun while performing.

“Whether they are singing for their families at our annual holiday concert, acting in our 5th-grade musical production, or rocking on the instruments in the classroom, it’s incredibly rewarding to see their hard work pay off as they share their musical talents.”

Mr. Kayser has quite the list of “thank yous” when it comes to recognizing the people who gave him his passion for teaching.

“Honestly, if I named all of the teachers that inspired me, it would be pages long. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of inspirational and supportive teachers throughout my entire life, which is exactly why I wanted to become a teacher.”

Mr. Kayser also appreciates his local credit union. He said every trip to Educators is a positive one.

“The staff is always super friendly and helpful,” Mr. Kayser said. “Also, the Educators app makes managing my finances super easy amidst my busy schedule!”

Educators Credit Union encourages you to reach out to your teachers and thank them for all that they do. If you are looking for a creative way to show your teachers appreciation, head over to the Educators’ Pinterest page and check out the teacher appreciation board.

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