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Teacher Appreciation Week – Ms. Dryer

Today we are celebrating Educators member and teacher, Ms. Lisa Dryer. Ms. Dryer is a veteran teacher of 18 years at Christian Life High School in Kenosha. I actually had the pleasure of being a student in Ms. Dryer’s Biology class my freshmen year at CLS!

Ms. Dryer began with receiving her degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training from Trinity International University. Little did she know that teaching would become her passion! During her senior year, she realized that she wanted to teach while interning at Mundelein High School in Illinois. Ms. Dryer said she loved teaching the teenagers in her training room about different exercises but couldn’t handle the stress during emergency situations. Although she knew she wanted to become a teacher, she wasn’t able to switch her degree so late into her senior year. Luckily, “back in the day,” you didn’t have to have a degree in teaching to become a teacher, so she worked in a few different high schools in New Hampshire before starting at CLS. Now she’s almost on her second decade of teaching Anatomy, Physiology, Food Science, Biology and Honors Biology to high school students.

Even after 18 years, Ms. Dryer still has challenges to overcome in the classroom.

“These days, I think it’s keeping kids engaged,” she said. “Sometimes it feels like I literally have to do a song or dance every day to keep their focus and keep them interested.”

Ms. Dryer isn’t afraid to branch out with new teaching techniques or learning different ways to keep their attention, but it definitely keeps her on her toes.

“You have to learn to enjoy coming up with new ideas. You can’t keep doing the same thing every time.”

The good always outweighs the bad, though. Her favorite part of teaching is the relationships she develops with “these mini adults.”

“Okay, okay they aren’t really mini but they are semi-adults, and you can have great conversations with them and get to know them.”

She’s passionate about developing working relationships with the students because it leads to watching them progress and become nurses, doctors or medical professionals.

“It’s nice to know that I may have had a little something to do with that. Obviously, they do all the work, but I had a little part in that because I helped guide them there!”

Her most celebrated success in teaching can’t be narrowed down to one instance. It encompasses the years of watching the students she taught enter the professional world of medicine. To her, that’s a success because they survived high school, did well in college and become a productive citizen. But there are little moments she enjoys too.

“I love when my students enjoy science,” Ms. Dryer said. “When kids leave my classroom and go ‘Wow! That went by so fast!’, that’s awesome.”

When asking about Ms. Dryer’s favorite part about being an Educators Credit Union member, she said, “Every time I have encountered fraud, they have been so helpful.” She said she loved how fast, smooth and professionally everything was taken care of to help resolve the problem.

Educators Credit Union encourages you to reach out to your teachers and thank them for all that they do. If you are looking for a creative way to show your teachers appreciation, head over to the Educators’ Pinterest page and check out the teacher appreciation board.

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