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Using Chip Cards at Stores

Earlier this month, we shared information about how ATMs are being converted for chip card use.  Now, we would also like to let you know about card security changes that are being made at retailers throughout the country.

When you are shopping, if a store has a chip card reader and you have a debit or credit card with a chip, it is very important that you don’t swipe your card and instead use the chip card reader. The slide feature is present to accommodate cards that don’t have a chip, so if you slide your chip card your transaction may be declined.  

The chip adds an additional layer of security over the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards, creating a unique code for each transaction. When using your chip card at a retailer with a card reader, please follow the instructions and insert your card until the transaction is completed.  

If you have questions about your chip card, please use the Live Chat feature at the top of the page to speak with Educators representative and learn more.

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