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Educators Credit Union Teaches Hundreds of RUSD Students About Managing Their Budgets

On Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18, all Racine Unified School District’s high school juniors took part in Educators Credit Union’s Reality Check Day at Racine’s Roma Lodge.

The two-day event was the largest in Educators Credit Union’s long-standing partnership with Racine Unified. The two organizations agreed to expand the program to all juniors as part of RUSD’s new Academy model.

“It’s a great opportunity to let students have a brief glimpse into the future,” said Educators Credit Union’s Director of Community Engagement Victor Frasher. “This eye-opening experience informs students what it costs to live in the real world and how hard it can be to balance your life.”

Racine Park High School junior Austin Boley thought the first-hand experience managing his budget was crucial as he planned for adulthood.

“I didn’t understand how truly hard and difficult it is to budget everything,” said Boley. “We are truly gifted to have a chance to learn about this.”

Reality Check Day is a simulated look designed to give students a look at managing their day-to-day finances as an adult. The students were assigned a career, a budget based on average salaries for that career, a marital status, credit score and more. They then had to use their month’s salary to pay bills, find transportation, manage life’s unexpected expenses like a speeding ticket or flat tire, and much more.

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