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Habits to Help Improve How You Budget

Technology has made a lot of things in our lives better. We can communicate with our friends and loved ones at any time, get updates in seconds about big events we care about, and much more. Life may be easier, but sometimes technology can cause problems we didn’t notice before.

Financially, technology can make it harder to budget. In a day and age where spending money is as easy as tapping your phone against a payment terminal, it’s difficult to take note of how much we’re spending and how much we still have left.

The easy solution to this used to be keeping track of your purchases in a check register. Since check registers aren’t among the items we regularly use, we came up with some tips to help control your spending and keep your budget on track.

  • Check your accounts every single day. If you always know how much money is left in your account, you can follow along with your purchases to guarantee you know you’re not exceeding your limits.
  • Write down what you’re spending. Check registers used to help us keep track of what we were spending and what was left in our account. While check registers may not be commonplace anymore, tracking your purchases can still help you better manage what you’re spending money on.
  • Get spending notifications. Apps like Educators Mobile Banking and Ctrl can send alerts to your phone any time you make a purchase. Seeing these notifications helps remind you that you’re spending money.
  • Review your spending every month and look at what you can cut out to save. Most of us likely have several subscription services we don’t need or can cut down on the times we’re going through the drive-through. Make a plan to save your money better.

These are just some ways to improve your spending. The important thing is finding a system that works for you.

Have any budget tips you think can help? Let us know in the comments!


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