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More great updates to Online and Mobile Banking!

Educators Credit Union is working to improve your online experience. We have another round of updates to help make using our Online and Mobile Banking programs even better than it already was!

This round of updates includes:

  • Streamlined the log-in process for Online Banking. Previously, you may have been asked to re-enter your username after entering it on the homepage. Now, when you put your username in on the homepage, you’ll be taken to the next step to log in.
  • A change to Educators eDocs. Before the update, your eDocs may have been duplicated or missing.
  • Improvements to app visibility. Educators is working to meet the needs of our members who have vision problems. We are raising our Online and Mobile Banking standards to meet a high level of accessibility guidelines. The app will now react to the font settings on your phone, and any Educators widgets will also increase font sizes for better readability. We are also updating our colors to meet the recommended color-contrast ratio.

More updates are coming soon. Watch the Educators blog for the latest information as we continue to make managing your finances easier each day.

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