80 for 80 Years: Part Fifteen (Items 76-80)

It’s been a busy 2017! In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve put together a blog series highlighting 80 different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017. Today we are posting the final five! If you missed the first 75 items, head to our blog page to read them!

76. Relay for Life – Educators donated funds to support Relay for Life to help fight for a world without cancer.

77. National Credit Union Youth Week – Educators celebrated the young members by matching their deposits up to $5. 78. Business In Front – Educators puts the spotlight on some of the business member’s at Educators Credit Union. Check out the videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about some of the amazing businesses in the area!

79. Annual Spring Preferred Dealer Auto Sale – Last April, Educators put on their spring car event at AutoWerks. Along with the interest rate discount, scratch-off cards and free tickets to the Educators Brewer game, there was a raffle to win a Brewers tailgate package including a grill, chairs, cooler and more.

80. Ctrl iPad Drawing – If members logged into CTRL and used the helpful app, they were entered into a drawing to win an iPad!

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